Renewal Membership

Membership Renewal
Standard one-year membership renewal

Article 5 - Membership duration and renewal

The duration of this membership is 12 months. In case of non-renewal of the membership, it will end at the expiration date. However, once the expiration date has passed, if the renewal is made during the respite period, the membership will be renewed and a new expiration date will be applied, as in the case of a renewal before the expiration date.

Renewal Period:
From the first to the last day of the month of maturity

(e.g.: for an expiry at the end of March => from March 01 to March 31)

Respite Period:
The 80 days following the due date

(e.g.: for an expiry date at the end of March => until June 20th)

During the respite period, the members' privileges are not accessible. Only renewal is possible when accessing the site.

Privileges : Same as your first membership

60€ + shipping costs



Web Membership Renewal: 4 additional months of web membership (no membership card or magazines)

Privileges: Same as your first membership