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Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 20

By On 26/04/2023














「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.20」 is comming !

We will shipp to all standard members who were registed members on end of April 2023.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.20

・KAMIJO Personal Interview
KAMIJO walking down Special -Yokohama-
Live Report OSCAR TOUR 2022-2023 -Scene v- OSCAR
    Versailles 15th Anniversary Tour -Holy Grall-

24 pages in full colour A4 size



Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 19

By On 18/08/2022














「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.19」 is comming !

We will shipp to all standard members who were registed members on end of August 2022.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.19 Rose Croix Renewal edition!
・KAMIJO walking down Special-Hakone-

24 pages in full colour A4 size



Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 18

By On 18/08/2022












「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.18」 is comming !

We will shipp to all standard members who were registed members on end of February 2022.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.18

・Rose Croix Special Talk KAMIJO Personal Interview
・KAMIJO walking down -Osaka-
・Kohitsuji Vampire's Mumbles
・KAMIJO Time Capsule
・KAMIJO 24-hours coverage -in store event at Tower Record Namba-
・KAMIJO Official Youtube Channel -onlilne distribution record-
・KAMIJO secret Q&A

24 pages in full colour A4 size



Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 17

By On 08/12/2021












「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.17」 is comming !

We will shipp to all standard members who are registed since December 2020.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.17

・Rose Croix Special Talk KAMIJO×YUKI
・KAMIJO Big Adventure with YUKI
    Flower filed
・Halloween Live&party 2021
     Monster Palace
・KAMIJO Time Capsule
・KAMIJO Official Youtube Channel
    onlilne distribution record
・KAMIJO secret Q&A

24 pages in full colour A4 size



Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 16

By On 23/09/2021

mag16.jpeg「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.16」 is comming !

We will shipp to all standard members who are registed since September 2020.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.16

・Interview with KAMIJO Live Blue-ray & DVD "Queen of Versailles-LAREINE-"
・KAMIJO 24-hours coverage
    2021.3.26 Online World Tour "Queen of Versailles -LAREINE-" 
    2021.6.29 KAMIJO Shooting MV
    2021.7.19 KAMIJO Live Concert 2021-Behind The Mask-
    2021.6.x Versailles x WOWWOW "Visual kei Sprit" special recording
・KAMIJO Secret Question
・Nostalgic Hawaii

24 pages in full colour A4 size


Concert Behind The Mask Streaming tickets

By On 09/07/2021



The concert with audience which will take place on July 19 at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, after a year and nine months of waiting.

The concert will be recorded then be aired by streaming !


KAMIJO Live Concert 2021 -Behind The Mask- Recorded on July 19th 2021 at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 

Gt : RENO 




Ticket category

  • Early reservation ticket : 23 Euros+system fee+service fee (sales period : from July 9th to July 14th 16:59 CET)
  • Streaming ticket : 34 Euros+system fee+service fee (sales period : from July 15th to Juley 28th 14:00 CET)

Both tickets allow to see the same show.

Archive available until July 28th at 16:59 (CET)


Streaming schedule

  • July 25th at 03:00 (CET): Streaming of the concert
  • July 25th at 12:00 (CET): Streaming of the concert + Live “After-Talk”

Streaming of the same concert for both shows.

The show will be available for archive from 12:00 (CET) to July 28th at 16:59


Ticket & streaming available on



Call to audience screams

By On 06/07/2021

Call to audience screams for KAMIJO concert!

Finally, after a year and nine months of waiting, the concert with audience will take place on July 19. Nevertheless due to the sanitary protocol, the spectators cannot shout during the concert. We will therefore call to your shouts, recorded via voice-message on LINE.

  • Instructions for use 

1. Tap the microphone icon on the screen, at the bottom right. 
2. While pressing the mic button shout at it. 
3. When you release the button, the voice message will be sent immediately.

  • LINE link to send

  • Period 

From July 6 at noon (5:00 CET) to July 13 at 23:59 (16:59 CET)

  • Content of voice messages 

1)    Member call 
Shout the member’s name one by one, including KAMIJO 
Only one name per submission 

2)    Oi! 
Shout "Oi". This will be used according to the rhythm of the song. 
A single shout of "Oi" per submission.
3)    Vampire Rock Star! 
Shout "Vampire Rock Star". This will be used by following the rhythm of the song. 
A single shout of "Vampire Rock Star" per submission.

4)    Yeah! 
Shout "yeah." This will be used by following the rhythm of the song. 
A single shout per submission.

5)    Your screams 
Shout as if you were at the concert "Kyaaaa", "Waaaa" etc. 
A single shout per submission.



  • Send the message from 1 to 5 separately. 
  • You can send your voice-message several times. 
  • Shout a second after you pressed the record button to avoid your voice cut at the very beginning of recording. 
  • Try to record in a quiet place. 
  • We will use as many of your voices as possible. However, depending on the quality of recording, we cannot guarantee the use of all your submissions, and we thank you for your understanding. 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot answer your questions about this announcement.



Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 14

By On 20/04/2021

rcmag14.jpg「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.14」 is finaly arrived !

We shipped to all standard members who are registed since April 2020.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.14

・Rose Croix Special Talk : KAMIJO x Shigure
・KAMIJO 24-hours coverage
・2021.2.7 Personal World
・KAMIJO Cooking
・KAMIJO Treasure Photo Gallery
・Kohitsuji Vampire's Mumbles
・KAMIJO Paparazzi
・2021.3.1 YouTube Membership
・KAMIJO Secret Question

24 pages in full colour A4 size

Extra video is available on the Video section exclusively for Standard Members



By On 03/02/2021



The very first streaming concert of KAMIJO, KAMIJO Online World Tour « Queen of Versailles – LAREINE-» is coming up! It will be aired directly from his brand-new recording studio built in his house! Celebrating his 25th anniversary of his career, these special performances consist only in LAREINE’s song, his first band. He will perform the brand-new song written by MAYU, LAREINE’s guitarist, just for this event. It was 15 years ago when KAMIJO sang the song written by MAYU. It was « Last Song For You » which was on their last Single. By the way, these streaming concerts are a real Hybrid event where the reality of the live performance and the high-quality sequences created by the edition merge. You will enjoy the Live parts with his live voice and the recorded concert’s parts with different camera angles with high quality sound.


World Pre-Order from February 06th 2021 at 10:00 to February 13th 2021 at 15:50 (French Time)

Public Order from February 14th 2021


Concerned Concerts: 

- SHOW I JAPAN : March 26th 2021 at 13:00 (French Time)

- SHOW II EUROPE : March 26th 2021 at 20:00 (French Time)

- SHOW III NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA : March 26th 2021 at 21:00 (EDT UTC-4)


Artist : KAMIJO

Violin : Crusher Kimura
PIano : Kouta Sayama
Guitar : RENO
Bass : MASASHI(Versailles)
Drums : Shin Watanabe

Manipulator : Yuji Yoshida
Video Producer : Shin Watanabe

Guest Chorus : SONO (Matenro Opera)
Guest Guitar : TERU(Versailles)
Guest Bass : SHIGURE

It’s about a world tour with 3 concerts « SHOW I -JAPAN », « SHOW II EUROPE » , « SHOW III NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA » performed between March 26th at 21:00 and March 27th at 11:30 in Japanese time. Each concert has its own ticket.
*it’s about the streaming concerts aired from the recording studio and not from a live house or a concert hall.
*It’s about a Hybrid concert with live performance and recorded sequences.
*A part of concerts contains the same recorded sequences.


Price : 

SHOW I JAPAN : 35€ + fees

SHOW II EUROPE : 25€ + fees



Tickets and Tour Goods are available on


Link to the streaming concert:


3 days Archive available after the show (SHOW I & II until March 29th at 16:59 SHOW III until March 30th at 16:59 in French time)


KAMIJO Online Talk Live 裏貴族 URAKIZOKU

By On 03/02/2021



« 裏貴族 » Urakizoku, the popular videography art which unveils the backstage will reborn as a Talk Live!
90 minutes of entertainment, featuring MASASHI and YUKI from Versailles to comment the photos and video. Enjoy the discussion warm and human, opposite from the universe created for the art and concert.

KAMIJO Online Talk Live裏貴族 » Urakizoku

February 14th 2021 from 19:00 to 20:30 (Japanses time)

Open : 18:50 (Japanese time) on YAMAZAKURA.FR


Ticket price : 20€ + fees
Ticket sales period : from February 6th to Fébruary 17th at noon (French time)

Possibility of archive access until February 17th at 15:59 (French time)
(No FC presales for this event)

Ticket sales page


Link to the streaming : YAMAZAKURA.FR

Fan-Work contest for KAMIJO 25th Anniversary

By On 17/12/2020

Fan-Work contest for KAMIJO 25th Anniversary!


Only 10 days for “Global World”, the special program of KAMIJO who opens the world!
For this occasion, in order to enlighten the personality of KAMIJO who celebrates his 25th anniversary of carrier, we want to call your talents of illustration and writing!
A part of these illustrations and reviews will be presented during “Global World”, the Online Talk Envent & Special Video Program which will be aired on YouTube on December 27th.
Participate! A surprise present is waiting for the authors of the Fan-Work which are presented during the program.


Illustration contest

Illustrate KAMIJO, the personage linked to KAMIJO, a song or a scene of story then share the Universe of KAMIJO that you have in your eyes with fans of the whole world! Any moment of his 25 years of carrier.
Subscription by a post on Twitter.

Post one illustration with the author’s name, the name of the artwork, a short description of the artwork, and the following hashtag:


Review contest

Write a review about the works or the concerts of KAMIJO or about the personage of KAMIJO. For example, “The song or the concert that represents KAMIJO”, “Who is KAMIJO”, “What is the particularity of the music of KAMIJO”, etc. We wait the reviews that unveil the personality of KAMIJO.
Subscription by a post on Twitter.
Post one review with the autho’s name, the texts with the following hashtag:


Deadline for the subscription: December 25th at 23:59 (Japanese time)
This timing is fixed for the edition of the program but he may also have a look to the new posts during the program.



-Only one illustration by post
-The Illustration must be created by yourself
-In case to use your old illustrations or reviews which had been posted before, please do not Re-tweet it but make as a new post.
-The Illustration created by PC is accepted but the illustration with artist’s photo will be excluded of the contest.


「Global World」

By On 13/12/2020

「Global World」


on December 27th at 9PM (Japanese time)