Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 10

By On 18/12/2018


mag-10.jpg「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.10」 will be sent this week to all standard members who are registed between May 1st 2017 and April 30th 2018.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.10

・KAMIJ Paparazzi!
 2018.5.12 Nagoya ell. FITS ALL
 2018.5.13 SHIZUOKA Sunash
 2018.5.19 HEAVENS ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2
 2018.5.27 Kanazawa vanvan V4
 2018.6.2  DUCE SAPPORO
 2018.6.3  DUCE SAPPORO
・Bonus : KAMIJO Secret Questions 
・KAMIJO Sang Tour "Talking with Live Members"

24 pages in full colour A4 size