Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 13

By On 23/12/2019


mag13.jpg「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.13」 is arriving and it will be sent to all standard members who are registed before November 30th 2019.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.13

・KAMIJO Personal Interview
・KAMIJO Personal 24h coverage
・KAMIJO Walking down on Odaiba
・Complain of the Vampire lamb
・KAMIJO Paparazzi
    2019.7.26 MYNAVI BLITS Akasaka
    2019.9.16 Shibuya REX
    2019.10.6 MYNABI BLITS Akasaka
    2018.10.26/27 Dancehall Shinseiki
・KAMIJO secret questions

24 pages in full colour A4 size