Rose Croix Magazine Vol. 6

By On 09/06/2017

In NEWS「Rose Croix Magazine Vol.6」 will be sent to all standard members who are registed between January 1st 2016 and December 31th 2016.

Rose Croix Magazine Vol.6

・Versailles Special Nippon Budokan !!
・After Interview with MASASHI (Versailles)
・KAMIJO 24h covering !!
・KAMIJO walking down "Sugamo"
・KAMIJO Paparazzi
・Jipang Akihabara (KAMIJO on the radio)
・March 8th Toyosu PIT (Versailles "Visual Parade" Presents "Metal?)
・March 14th Shin Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH (KAMIJO "Mayonaka no Hitsuji kai col5)
・April 26th Akasaka BLITZ (KAMIJO "Epic Rock Orchestra")

24 pages in full colour A4 size